Sunday, April 25, 2010

So, we have finished tracking our LP, I think. We will start mixing at some inopportune moment where I want to do something else, I'm sure of. Anyway, after our 7" on Criminal Iq records being out for like 2 years now, and we finally got a bad review of it. I was let down that it was by a British guy that probably doesn't understand the rules of football, or what it's like to go to a dentist, but I'll take it. Check out his review here. Check out his amazing band here.
Hopefully he reads this and wants to hang out with me when I go to England this summer.

We have some shows coming up. I will post those soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

we are still alive, kinda

Hello Friends,
We forgot to update this thing, or spent the last 5 months attempting to repress any and all memories of our west coast tour, and didn't really feel like letting you all know what we've been up to.
After getting bumped out of our recording spot by Mushroomhead, we decided to go ahead and record the LP with the tightest dude in Pittsburgh, Jason Jouver. You may know him as the normal guy from Don Caballero, but we know him as Mr. Mother Fucking Recording Guy. Dude has been making shitty bands sound good for years now, and hopefully our session with him will be no different. Right now we have recorded the drums and they sound like drums, so we are on the right track.
We have been invited to play the Chaos In Tejas festival in Austin, Tx this year. You can use google to find out the line up and how fucking boss it is that we are playing on the same show as Bastard, Marked Men and Rival Mob. I just shook my magic 8 ball to see how the trip will turn out and all it said was "All signs point to no."