Sunday, April 25, 2010

So, we have finished tracking our LP, I think. We will start mixing at some inopportune moment where I want to do something else, I'm sure of. Anyway, after our 7" on Criminal Iq records being out for like 2 years now, and we finally got a bad review of it. I was let down that it was by a British guy that probably doesn't understand the rules of football, or what it's like to go to a dentist, but I'll take it. Check out his review here. Check out his amazing band here.
Hopefully he reads this and wants to hang out with me when I go to England this summer.

We have some shows coming up. I will post those soon.


eric said...

got one of your #'s from ian, but thought it would be more appropriate to email. Dont have your email. if you wanna play with pop 1280 at a rad loft in brooklyn july 7th let me know.

H.V. DuVall IV said...

yeah, fuck you guys, i wanna hear "dinosaur song".

EricGrey said...

The guy that gave the bad review can give me the record. Trying to track down KIM PHUC singles. if you can help.