Monday, December 26, 2011

Record release show

Here is the info for our record release show. We are renting heaters to make sure The Shop is warm enough for everyone not moshing.

SICKOIDS (philly)
RAW BLOW (pittsburgh)

January 6 2012 8pm
The Shop 4314 Main Street Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hey this is what a record looks like

A handful of mentally ill people and one guy that could have been a model had he been born of bluer blood, get together and form a band. The band puts out a single for their upcoming lp every two years and then the lp finally drops, just as the bottom begins to fall out of the band. Then a bunch of chubby men in their mid to late twenties post on a message board asking how many copies of this record are on white vinyl. Then Ted Leo tweets about the record being for sale. Then the girlfriends of previously mentioned band members think "who the fuck cares about these idiots? they can't even deliver food from the plate to their mouths without fucking it up."

Here is the pressing breakdown for Copsucker

1000 total
100 on white vinyl
900 on black
some of the black may be swirled as the company did not clean out the machine when they switched colors. If you have a swirled record that looks cool, why not post a pic of it here? You can be part of this too, y'know?

I'm going to post a pic of the t shirts we have for sale, because that is what real bands do, they fucking sell shit.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time to rewrite your top 10 lists of 2011

Hello music listeners, we are happy to inform you that you now must revise all of those carefully crafted "best of 2011" lists you dipshits care so much about so that you can go ahead and put our new lp COPSUCKER on the very top of that shit. Shouldn't be too hard, just write it at the top and change all the other numbers. Easy. We would like to thank the hard working gents that do Iron Lung Records for putting this out. First hundred of this beast are on white vinyl. Go get it.

We will have details of our record release show posted in like 2 hours, so chill the fuck out and wait.

Go here to listen to a preview and then buy this. We all have bills(gambling debts) to pay.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

total gambling losses for the year to date- $387.00

So since the last time we updated this bitch the following have happened-

Iron Lung Records is putting our lp out.

We played a bunch of shows in Pittsburgh to the same hundred people, over and over and over.

Jaromir Jagr signed with the Flyers. Why would you do that? Think of the children Jags.

TFP finally sobered up from our last night in San Francisco(two year hangover).

Rob is skinny now.

Now that the lp is in the can, we are moving onto a concept record called Boobs Of Spanish Weather, which will be about an unemployed guy that falls in love with a Telemundo weather girl and learns spanish, goes to school for Meteorology, then moves to Miami to court this fine piece of Latin American tail. Anyone interested in buying the movie rights to this blockbuster story should get a hold of us PRONTO. Shit will be off the charts and make Avatar look like a film school assignment.