Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time to rewrite your top 10 lists of 2011

Hello music listeners, we are happy to inform you that you now must revise all of those carefully crafted "best of 2011" lists you dipshits care so much about so that you can go ahead and put our new lp COPSUCKER on the very top of that shit. Shouldn't be too hard, just write it at the top and change all the other numbers. Easy. We would like to thank the hard working gents that do Iron Lung Records for putting this out. First hundred of this beast are on white vinyl. Go get it.

We will have details of our record release show posted in like 2 hours, so chill the fuck out and wait.

Go here to listen to a preview and then buy this. We all have bills(gambling debts) to pay.


Hughshows said...

Can you email me at ?

wordsatrandom said...

Stellar album. Definitely would be in my Top whatever if I had one. I don't understand those myself. who can take time to do that? Anyway, you guys rock. I just bought your LP off the bandcamp site. Keep it up.

gwenk said...

we play it yesterday and we love it very much

when do you come in france???


kim phuc said...

we will come in france after she gets her tubes tied