Sunday, March 1, 2009

For the stupid, I will explain what has happened in this picture. Santonio Holmes caught a touchdown pass in the end zone with less than 2 minutes left in Super Bowl XLIII, putting the Steelers up 27-23, thus winning their NFL record 6th Super Bowl Championship. Most of you will never understand sports, pride or victory, but for us, this was the most important thing to happen in the last 3 years. The band decided to take some time off from playing shows to focus on the drive to glory, and the impending celebration.

Our friend Mikey from Dear Skull records won the lottery of his life recently and has been given the opportunity to release our newest single on his up and coming label. Congrats friend, on your soon to be best selling release. "Weird Skies" should be out in time for our trip to SXSW. Fingers have been crossed, sigils have been charged. Upon return, we will have a split 7" giveaway available for National Record Store Day, courtesy of Mikey and Dear Skull. The often controversial song "Rustbelt Noose" will be on this record, and will be paired up with a jam from the band Centipede Eest. As some of you may already know, "Rustbelt Noose" was a song written by the original line up of Kim Phuc and has become a source of contention amongst the current members. In addition, the song details the mundane existence of a typical Pittsburgher, their willingness to settle, self medicate and overstate their own importance. The subjects of the song are typically too dull witted to actually extrapolate a meaning on their own and will just continue on with drunken yelps from the bar "wooooo play that rustbelt song."

Here are some upcoming shows we have planned:

Friday 3/13 Kim Phuc, Full Color, Pikock @ gooskis pittsburgh, pa

Monday 3/16 Masshysteri/KimPhuc/ConfidenceMen @ Roboto Pittsburgh, PA

Thursday 3/19 sxsw warehouse party. austin, tx

Friday 3/20 sxsw w/100 bands @ club 1808 austin, tx

Saturday 3/21 sxsw Dillinger 4, Annihilation Time @ beerland austin, tx

Friday 4/17 FNU Ronnies, Electric Bunnies, Pink Reason, Drunkdriver, Baby Bird, Kim Phuc, Terrible Two's @ Belvederes Pittsburgh, PA


Confidence Men said...

weird skies 7" is top

matt kona said...

hey where can i get this 7" or an mp3 of rustbelt noose. it's VERRRRRY important, i assure you.