Monday, July 20, 2009

Winning Is Our Business

Once again, we took a break from being punk rock music guys and watched the other legendary franchise from Pittsburgh win the Stanley Cup. Somehow all the day to day bullshit of record labels, tours and message boards are put in place when you see everyone's pal, Max Talbot throw up the Cup over his head. I have debated selling all of my guitar gear in order to have a replica stanley cup made for myself, so I can relive the glory every morning. Also, go here to see Hossa choke back tears like a 15 year old boy getting dumped by his girlfriend for a guy that can drive.

In case you forgot, the Steelers also won the Super Bowl this year, so we are pretty happy with life right now. This probably means our next record will be twee-pop and all songs will be about ice cream and having friends. Before that happens, we have the following shows coming up:

Friday July 24th
31st Pub
Pittsburgh, PA
w/ Mannequin Men
Davila 666
Kim Phuc
The Fitt

Wednesday July 29th
The Brillobox
Pittsburgh, PA
w/ Obits
Kim Phuc

We will have new shirt designs printed up shortly, have started demoing for our first lp and are planning on doing some more out of town stuff. If you want us to come to your city or do an interview, email at, please refrain from using the trailer park of the internet known as myspace. If you are a Detroit Red Wings fan please send $1 to "sorry dude, 742 evergreen terrace, springfield"

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the wizard said...

"other legendary franchise" ....the Pirates won the Stanley Cup? that shit is crazy!