Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Up until now, you've bought all the bullshit we've passed off as music, or maybe you just downloaded it. Ok, let's face it, you never listened to this retarded band, but thanks to the 5 of you that feel sorry for us pretend you are paying attention when we play but you are really just thinking about that time you got to fingerbang two girls in one night back in high school. It's cool, we understand. Now you can put your money where every suicide girl's hands have been, right in our fucking pockets. We have new shirts for sale. Designed by fellow mutant Bill Wehmann

this is what they look like:

These are $12 bucks ppd. They come in black as pictured, and beige with black ink. Both look sick as fuck and will let any and all mutants know that you are down to get shitty. We also have unearthed copies of the Weird Skies 7" that we are selling for $6 ppd. We'll sell both for some awesome deal like $15 dollars together. How's that grab ya fuck face? You can send paypal monies to burnedtotheground at Any questions about this stuff, please email us goldenhappiness at gmail. See what I did there? If you do not live in the US, do not try to buy our shit.

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