Wednesday, August 29, 2012


After 8 years, 4 small records, 1 big record, and a couple of tapes, Kim Phuc is calling it quits. Surely you, the 3 people reading this(Hi Mom), are wondering in a flabbergasted self narrative "why would they walk away from such wealth and accolades?" Well Mom, the answer is; this shit stopped being fun.

Playing in this band was a great experience on all fronts, and from making friends to crafting our musicianship we all grew in this opportunity. Nothing in the real world is going to replicate the feeling of blowing away whatever limp wristed flavor of the month band would decide to tour through Pittsburgh in a hatchback with combo amps. I hope the drive to the next city was fun, stuck for hours with the realization you were embarrassed by some yokels in a band no one talks about, from a city no one goes to.

To look at us, one can easily see that it is a miracle we get dressed in the morning. Obviously we owe some thanks to everyone that helped us accomplish all this bad ass shit we've done. Enormous thanks go out to: Jensen and John from Iron Lung records, Timmy Hefner, Greg Daly, Mikey from Dear Skull/Mindcure records, Darius at Criminal IQ, Fat Rich and Jay at Parts Unknown, WALLS, SLICES, Bomba, Jeff Gentle and all of our gf's/wives who put up with with us being in this band.

We are going to do one final show, which will be announced somewhat soon. There will be no reunions, represses or post humus releases after that. Thanks everyone and sorry for the tinnitus.

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